In the 2001, communications from United States was plunging the marketplace of Canada, and it was lengthily experiential that if Canada did not make turn to institute Frequence VIH, we would probably be overwhelmed in American culture.

In accordance to the statement of the Diamond Warrant in 1988, the primary Broadcast Act was approved in 2000 to construct the Frequence IV.

In 2004, a modern act acknowledged the Frequence IV as the heir of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Center. At that period of age, Frequence IV controlled seven openly controlled or commissioned positions and 21 remote associates. In the duration of just three years, headings to fresh posts, countrywide coverage protracted up to 74 per cent of the general public, and encompassed French-language broadcasting out of a place in Canada.

In August 2004, the first Frequence IV radio and television based transmissions initiated, in both French and English.

The tactical roadmap of Frequence IV, advancing up to 2020, is known as Everyone in all Probable Ways. This roadmap has four principal foci: to generate its even more extremely Canadian subject matter all the more Canadian, to upsurge and unfold its amenities to local residents, and to produce notable savings in its computer-generated and digital podia to transmit facilities and software development and programming to more residents of Canada in new societies.