The Many Faces of Goat Milk Yogurt: For Cooking, Drinking, and Personal Hygiene

It is interesting to witness people drink cow’s milk despite how it often upsets their stomachs. The protein in cow’s milk is difficult for humans to digest and even though certain individuals may not be fully lactose intolerant, they experience upset stomachs to a degree. Few understand the benefits of switching to goat’s milk, though. With an easily digestible protein and smaller fat globules, goat’s milk is easier on the digestive tract and is rich in flavor. For babies with a cow milk protein allergy, switching them to this milk is ideal and incorporating it into your own diet is salient as well. Of all of the things to do with this liquid, turning it into goat milk yogurt is among the greatest. Whether it is on its own or turned into a recipe, there are countless ways to use goat milk yogurt in your everyday life.

Cook with It

Cooking with yogurt is already a popular action. It adds moistness to dessert, richness to savory meals, and works perfectly to add creaminess to beverages. To get the most out of switching to goat milk yogurt, consider making dark chocolate zucchini bread or a tandoori chicken with a yogurt sauce. Whatever you decide to make, the yogurt will act as the star of the dish.

Serve It to a Baby

Parents understand the rules for a baby’s diet. Avoiding foods high in acidity, sugar, and honey is fundamental while making certain that whatever you serve them is easy to digest is of equal importance. It has already been established that goat milk yogurt is easy to digest, so making a smoothie for a baby using it as the main ingredient is sound. Use the yogurt and combine it with applesauce and cinnamon, bananas and blueberries, or sweet potatoes and pears to grant the child maximum nutrition.

Wash with It

Nutrition is a necessity that works from the inside out. Additionally, skin is the body’s largest organ and is important to maintain for an overall clean bill of health. Goat’s milk contains a plethora of nutrients, making it ideal to wash with. Homemade soaps, for example, are simple to make and often contain a few key ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, lye, water, and a scented oil. Using these basic ingredients, incorporate goat milk yogurt into the mixture. The result will be healthy, smooth skin and a sense of satisfaction knowing that this trending yogurt is not just for eating. You can learn more at Kabrita Inc., which has additional information and resources available.

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