Tired of Old Injury Pain? Get to a Physiotherapist for ART Treatments

If you have pain from an old sports injury and traditional physical therapy techniques you’ve tried at home aren’t working to eliminate the pain, it may be time to find an active release technique specialist. A physiotherapy professional that is trained in ART can start to work on your area of injury, to treat the pain that is causing you so much inconvenience. This therapy will help to stimulate the blood circulation in the injury area where you have damage and pain. Here are a few things you should expect at your appointment for this treatment.

The physiotherapist will first work to loosen up the area where the pain is the worst by using massage techniques. During the massage the physiotherapist will examine the tightness of the muscle, the texture of the tissues, and how well the injured area can move. The massage will also help to put you at ease and help you feel much more relaxed while bringing oxygen rich blood cells to the injured tissues.
After the massage tension will be applied to the area. By applying pressure and pressing into the area of injury, the release will bring relief to the area. This will be done using pressure points in the area of the injury, and can be done several times to help relieve the plaguing pain from the injury as the injury heals, without doing damage to the tissues.

After the treatment your physiotherapist will help you find other relief methods, like rotating ice and heat on the area where you have pain, and doing other types of therapy for additional assistance. How long it takes to get full relief from the injury will depend on the severity of the injury, how effective the therapy and treatment are, and much rest you are able to give the area injured.With the help of physiotherapy treatment you don’t have to worry about taking a long list of prescription medications that will only mask the pain you have in your area of injury, instead of healing and treating the area like you need. You want to find a therapist that has worked with injuries similar to yours in the past, to ensure they have the expertise and knowledge to use ART to help you get relief. You can start getting the treatments from Chiro-Med to get the relief necessary to eliminate the pain that has been delaying your life.

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